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We had a fairly substantial amount of Bartercard Trade Dollars to spend and wanted to use most of them in the property market, after some consideration we decided to purchase a property that would provide income - not just long-term capital gain.

- Nikki Barrett
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Meet the team

Bartercard Property was launched in July 2003 to provide Bartercard members with a dedicated marketing platform to offer real estate (and to a lesser extent) businesses, investments, vehicles and boats, for sale to other members. Bartercard Property also provides an environment that enables members (and often, non-members) to negotiate in good faith and complete successful transactions. Bartercard Property provides the processes and procedures to facilitate the transfer of trade funds from purchaser to vendor, operates a Trust Account, and will act as Stakeholder on behalf of parties to a transaction if requested.

To date, members have completed approximately $300m in real estate sales, of which approximately T$80m has been transacted in Bartercard Trade Dollars.

In recent years since the GFC, a vendors’ willingness to accept a portion of the sale price in Trade Dollars, has often provided the difference between negotiating a successful sale, or having the property continue to languish in the market unsold.

Bartercard’s ability to offer interest-free Trade Dollar funding to approved purchasers’, has enabled buyers to unlock the economic potential in their business, whilst also enjoying cash savings on interest payments, loan fees and other costs associated with buying a property.


Cameron Owen

Prior to working at Bartercard I was managing director of two cafes, operating both in Auckland and Hamilton.  During that period I came to understand the imperatives that drive self-employed business owners, and the tenacity, passion and sheer hard work required to be successful.

For the last 13 years I have also been involved in buying and selling investment properties, and have gained a sound understanding of property investment.

I am passionate about helping you reach your property goals.  Please contact me with any questions you have surrounding Bartercard Property.
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Cameron Owen

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