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View our testimonials to see how business owners increase their profitability
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We had a fairly substantial amount of Bartercard Trade Dollars to spend and wanted to use most of them in the property market, after some consideration we decided to purchase a property that would provide income - not just long-term capital gain.

- Nikki Barrett
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Bartercard Property offers vendors a cost-effective marketing strategy with the following benefits:

  • Potential to achieve a quick sale at the best price.
  • Reduced sales commissions and marketing costs.
  • Attract attention of thousands of business owners - many of whom are looking for investment properties.

Property Developers

  • When selling off the plans initial sales via Bartercard can set high benchmark prices.
  • Marketing through Bartercard Property can reduce the number of unsold units at the end of a development.

Selling Your Business

One of the difficulties when selling a business is finding prospective buyers who have the ability to fund a purchase. This is where Bartercard may be able to help.
  • If you have found a potential buyer for your business, and the deal is hinging on finance, Bartercard may be able to bridge this gap with interest free Trade Dollar funding.
  • A potential buyer could join Bartercard, obtain an interest free line of credit (subject to conditions), and pay you all (or part) of the purchase in Trade Dollars.
  • Sellers are able to market to a wide range of prospective buyers, and gain an edge over competing listings in these tough times.
  • Buyers can access interest free funding, and also pay back this debt with new customers generated through the Bartercard community of businesses.
How we work:

The primary function of Bartercard Property is to provide a forum to introduce buyers to sellers. Bartercard staff members do not participate in the negotiation process between buyer and seller and whilst vendors may involve a real estate agent in the sale process, the majority of transactions occur by way of "private sale" thereby saving the cost of an agents sales commission.     
Contact us now to list your property, business or investment, or to discuss your Bartercard Property marketing strategy in more depth.
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