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We had a fairly substantial amount of Bartercard Trade Dollars to spend and wanted to use most of them in the property market, after some consideration we decided to purchase a property that would provide income - not just long-term capital gain.

- Nikki Barrett
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Vanuatu Paw Paw Farmlet - 1 Acre

Property Type-- Not Applicable --
Asking Price $19,950
Trade Dollars $12,950
Cash Dollars $7,000
Price NotesPriced in AUD
65% Trade
Price plus VAT, stamp duty
VendorRichard Buttler
+61 4 1700 7792
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Vanuatu Farmlet

Strata titled agriculture farmlet 

Limited offer stage 4 

  • Paw Paw farmlets
  • Land size 1 acre (4,000m2)
  • Fruit sold wholesale at $1.00 a kilo
  • Included in purchase price is 400 trees (planted) with a projected fruit return (per tree)
    of 12 to 15 kilos a month over a 6 month period.
  • Season income split with farmlet onsite management company
  • Located in Espiegle Bay, Malekula island, Malekula, Vanuatu

Visit for more details.

Contact Richard Butler for more information +61 417007792 or email

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